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Settings and Lighting for a true White Infinite Background for Videos

Settings and Lighting for a true White Infinite Background for Videos

We are shooting a new commercial that needs an infinite white background.

I did lots of searching online and did find a couple great videos about it, these sum it up pretty good:

Unless I missed it there was a little detail missing, probably because I'm a novice.

Our original screen test looked like this:



Definitely not white, I did some color correction, but this is where I ended up without over exposing him too bad.

So, following Olivia's instructions worked and the part I had to figure out was to turn the light way down on the talent. I know it's lame but that's the part I was missing.

The key light and the fill light are the 9 Bulb Octacool's so I turned off all but 2 light banks on the key light and left only 1 bank turned on, on the fill light. We turned off 1 bank of the hair light.

So once I did that I could expose for the talent so that the background would be blown out. 

We are still tweaking it, we had two of the 9 Bulb Octacool's on the background with the diffusers off.

My camera settings ended up being:

camera: 5d Mark III

lens: 24-70mm Canon L Series 

f-stop 6.3

iso: 640

shutter speed: 50

I used the cinestyle profile and in Adobe Premiere I added 30 for sharpening and 30 for contrast in the brightness and Contrast effect. Less workflow and tweaking than I had to do for the previous video trying to get it close to white.

This left the talent a little bit over exposed but looks really good. Next round I'll pull the key and fill lights back and get it perfect.


Any other tips? Let me know by commenting.



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Tuesday, August 04, 2020

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