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Riding a Motorcycle with your Dog!

This blog is going to cover everything I've learned about riding a motorcycle with your dog. I really like writing blogs that saves my readers money or time, since I've done a ton of research on this and purchased and tried lots of products, maybe I will save you some time. If you feel I have, leave a comment below and share this post! First of all...

New Studio??

I know, another studio move? Well I found out today that we may be getting some additional space in the Directive building on Pony Farm Road. Which means we may be leaving the space on Main Street. This will give us a large studio space on the property and room to add more staff. Which is good because we are at capacity. Having the studio in the building is most ideal. I hope it works out. It will be so much easier to work and get staff involved rather than everyone meeting at the existing studio. Who knows, I may even move my office into the same space as the studio.  We might also move IT down to the first floor location to make it easier for techs and clients to bring PC's and equipment. Not to be like a store front, but I suppose it would be kinda like that. This...


Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website

Welcome to my new website. This is my personal site. I plan to write mostly about photography and filmmaking and to use this as a place where I can blog personally about anything I want. If you want to peer into the "Directive" half of my brain and read my companies blog you can visit it here: I really want to document my journey into photography and filmmaking. I've learned a lot and might be able to help some folks, and I have so much to learn, maybe people will help me. It's also a great way for me to remember what I've learned, by sharing it. I also plan to display my work on this site in a portfolio as well as make prints available for commercial use. My images are free for personal use. Enjoy. Thanks for coming by, I'd love hearing from you, drop me a message anytime by...

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