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NP-F Battery to V-Mount Battery Converter Adapter

NP-F Battery to V-Mount Battery Converter Adapter


I followed CheesyCams advice about these converters and using the NP-F Batteries instead of V-Mount Batteries and it works like a dream AND I saved a bunch of money. We used the Wasabi Batteries listed below. CheesyCam is the Bomb! 

I purchased this to power our F&V K4000S LED Studio Panel | 3-Light Kit. This converter brings our cost down to roughly $150 per light for the 2 NP-F Batteries and the Converter instead of the $350-$400 V-Mount Batteries. We would of needed three of them to power all three light panels.


First here is the link to CheesyCam's post and video about this:

I purchased the following:

3x Wasabi Power Battery (2-Pack) and Charger

3x Wasabi Power Battery Charger

3x NP-F Battery to V-Mount Battery Converter Adapter

BONUS: My son Dillon found this at radio shack and it made it so all 6 charges could plug in to 1 strip for $20!








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Saturday, April 13, 2024

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