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Tenba Large Messenger Bag

Tenba Large Messenger Bag

I picked this bag up at a local camera store in Boston called Broomfield Camera Co. I did have an issue about 8 months after I got it with the plastic coming through the handle.

I had good luck with both Tenba and Broomfield. I called and spoke with Tenba, they would honor their warranty and replace it right away.


I think we called Broomfield about the receipt or something for proof of purchase. They offered to handle the return for me. At first I thought, oh man get the middle guy in the middle and it will take forever for me to get a new bag. I did it anyway, and it was super fast. The availability of the bag was even an issue, but Broomfield got it done. I love them and will stop in again when in Boston!

When I was there they were very helpful and knowledgable. I was allowed to even bring my camera in and try out a lens. They are awesome, even if you're a newb.

b2ap3_thumbnail_tenba_inside.jpgI use this bag in so many ways, on trips I use it to carry my laptop and other electronics and all the immediate things I need like chargers etc. But when I'm going to take photos and need to travel light I will pack this bag up with laptop and tablet if I want AND a camera, lens, flash, remote flash trigger and much more. I'm thinking about getting a second one to act as a regular bag for carrying my laptop etc for everyday work.

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Monday, May 16, 2022

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