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Zacuto Scorpion Rig

Zacuto Scorpion Rig

The Scorpion is Zacuto's most versatile DSLR shoulder mounted rig. This system includes Zacuto's height-adjustable DSLR Baseplate, Zgrips V3 with 4.5″ Rods, an EVF Scorpion Mount, a Z-Lite Double plus the Scorpion Shoulder Assembly.

The Scorpion's new form-fitting shoulder pad is what sets it apart from other Zacuto DSLR shoulder mount rigs. The new Zacuto shoulder pad uses a cutting-edge permeable gel padding that conforms to any user's body providing maximum comfort for long shooting days.

This unique design lets the user articulate the shoulder pad in multiple directions allowing the rig to fit any shooter's body type. The Scorpion's collapsible handle is another modernized feature. This handle can be used for lifting the rig onto your shoulder or for capturing low sweeping shots. When not using the handle, simply fold it up and tuck it away for a more compact camera stabilization system.

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Monday, May 16, 2022

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